Hexmoon Nights

Welcome to Loshen

Session #1 is under our belts, and mayhem and adventure await. A quick recap of personae and events, for those for whom, like myself, proper nouns are challenging:

  • As new, suspicious arrivals in Loshen, you were questioned by Kun Gao, Constable of the Consumer Consortium (“the CC”), the merchant guild who ruthlessly enforces all rules and regulations within Loshen.
  • The city’s flying robotic enforcers, the Monodrones, took blood samples as an extra insurance policy.
  • Lo Sing, the owner of the Prodigious Parakeet auction stall, propositioned that you shuttle a antiquated copper lantern to an abandoned keep north west of the city, just shy of the Suichan border. He swindled a band of Suichan nomads for it, and they tried to prevent you from “bidding” on it.
  • The abandoned keep is in fact the stronghold of the last remnants of the You-Xia, the order of knights who once united the empire. The knights asked Lo to bring them the artifact, which they believe can help restore unity to the country again.
  • You conscripted the auctioneer’s gnome, Doug, to be your manservant/punching bag.
  • En route to the keep via a transport caravan carrying those Suichan rascals, you were attacked by them and agents of the Lulin – the same criminal underworld who ounce ran afoul of Kain and Perdition.

We’ll pick it up this coming Friday night. Please note we won’t be home until shortly before 7:30, so if you are in the area early, you might grab a bite or a coffee on Vernon until then.

Additionally, I’m trying to write an honest to gosh world bible, and will more than likely scrap just about everything I initially wrote on the wiki section of the site earlier. Helpful as flavor, but still tooling with the setting.

Finally, here are the maps I promised. XP total forthcoming.


The Rosiku region:

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